Working toward Ending Gun Violence in Trenton

St Michael’s to host community dialogue on gun violence

Trenton, NJ: St Michael’s Episcopal Church, one of the oldest congregations in the State of New Jersey, will host a community dialogue titled “Working toward Ending Gun Violence in Trenton” on Thursday, September 15 at 6:00pm. The forum will be an opportunity for residents to share concerns with their neighbors, and begin taking steps toward ending gun violence in the capital city. D.A. Graham, PhD, will be the chief facilitator. A light meal will be provided before the event at 5:00pm.

Although this is the first time St Michael’s has hosted such a forum, the congregation is planning a number of community-building events. “We’ve been here for 313 years,” said the Rev’d Mark David Johnson, vicar of St Michael’s, “and that means the community looks to us for hope. It’s our job to tell people that God is doing a new thing here in Trenton.”

Information about this event can also be found on the St Michael’s Facebook page.

About St Michael’s: Founded in 1703, St Michael’s Episcopal Church is believed to be the founding parish of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey. The building on historic North Warren Street was used as a hospital for Hessian soldiers during the Battle of Trenton and its graveyard is the final resting place of David Brearley, a framer of the United States Constitution. St Michael’s strives to be a diverse community of prayer, compassion, and justice. To learn more, visit

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